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Flying Out Of Paine

By Cynthia Caffrey | March 5, 2019

I have heard that Paine Field is now open for some commercial flights. Alaska Airlines and United Airlines will be the two airlines set to fly out of Paine Field. Alaska will have 18 daily flights and United will have 6. A few pros: Paine Field expects 600,00-700,000 yearly. SeaTac has 45 million! Airport drive […]

Marketing Your Home

By Cynthia Caffrey | March 1, 2019

Marketing is first and foremost in the sale of your home. The only way a large number of potential buyers will know about your home is through marketing. I’m sure sellers are very aware of this but here are a few tips that should be used when marketing your home. Professional photography. Photographs are very […]

Inspector & Appraiser; Tips Before They Arrive

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 28, 2019

Many sellers are very nervous when they know their home is going to be inspected and eventually appraised. And understandably so. An inspector will be in their home, with an agent and buyers, all of whom they typically don’t know. That alone would make most people a bit nervous. The fear of the unknown, even […]

Vision Board-Blog

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 27, 2019

My vision board via blog!

Feb 2019 Heat Index

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 26, 2019

SEARE18_2019_2_16854 Looks like things are heating up in the Seattle area. Spring is notoriously the best time to list your home and get it sold for a good price. I think some of that is contributed to the freshness of spring, the welcoming of the nicer weather and the longer days coming. It’s still a […]

Buying A Fixer-Upper?

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 25, 2019

A fixer-upper can be a great investment for any family to make a place of their own over time. They can be an incredible deal but if you don’t know what to look for and aren’t careful you can end up in a money pit! Here are a few things to consider when buying a […]

Countertop Etiquette

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 24, 2019

Your countertops play a huge role in what the overall interior of your home looks like. Many people model the rest of their homes after their kitchen. There are many different types of countertops that will make your kitchen more appealing…or not. Here are a few and pros and cons for some. Marble  It’s no […]

Neighborhood News

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 21, 2019

Neighborhood News is a monthly email that tells you what real estate trends are happening in your specific neighborhood. It shows what is for sale, homes that have recently sold and if home sales are going up or down. You can see the examples below. It’s very easy to sign up for with your name, […]

Looking Up 2019

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 20, 2019

I love looking at the sky when I know we are expecting meteor showers, an eclipse or any kind of celestial event. Not sure why I’m so intrigued by these events but I am. When my girls were younger we would go to extreme measures to see shooting stars/meteor showers and we always were lucky […]

Natural Hazards In Our Areas

By Cynthia Caffrey | February 19, 2019

Click on this link to read a  great article from Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management. The Snohomish County Hazard Explorer has put into action a planning tool to help people better understand and manage natural hazard risks that we may be prone to in our areas such as earthquakes, flooding, volcanos, etc. Be sure […]