Home Why We Do Open House Despite all the changes technology has made in how houses are bought and sold, one standard feature of the process remains: the open house. Within the first week of a house going on the market, I will set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to welcome prospective buyers (plus nosy neighbors) to see the house […]
Home Moving Into Your New Home-To Do List A few tips on things you might think about doing when you move in to your new home. Even though you probably had an inspection when you bought, there still may be a to do list! 1. Change the locks. You would be surprised to know how many people don’t! 2. Find the main water […]
Home February Newsletter
Home Staging Staging Staging is an important step when it comes to showcasing your home in all its glory. Make sure the home is immaculately clean and store away any personal photos, kids’ artwork or other decor that can detract when potential buyers are envisioning themselves and their families living in the home. Pick a neutral color […]
Home Winterize Before The Storm The weather has been crazy for western WA this week! Usually snow comes and goes pretty quickly here but once in a while it sticks around like it is now. This week has been filled with freezing temps and compact snow and ice on roads contributing to many accidents. Just this evening our daughter was […]
Home Super Bowl. Snow. Spring? Just when I thought it was about time to get the yard going for spring it started snowing today. I love how pretty it is though so I’ll say yes to snow! Once the snow is gone it will be a great time to think about what you can do in your yard to spruce […]
Home The Power of Your Kitchen! Kitchen 2019 Your kitchen is most likely the most important room in your home! It’s where family gatherings begin, where kids do homework, where your friends come for coffee, where conversations regarding just about anything take place and for most of us where we cook our meals. It’s also the first thing that home shoppers […]
Home Spring is Near! This time of year is always so beautiful in Western Washington. Of course we still have rain and fog…and clouds even some snow or  frost but the days that are filled with sunshine and blue skies are a good sign that spring is definitely near! I can never really explain why springtime is so different […]
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